I don't know everything and you probably don't either.

As I grow older, I’m finally beginning to feel like it’s okay not to know everything or be the best at everything on the first go (key word being ‘beginning’ – this is very much a work in progress situation). Nine times out of ten, it just doesn’t work like that. Persistence and practise are the tools we’re all equipped with to master a new skill, though often not willing to use (mainly talking about myself here). That’s why I really want to push myself to learn and stay out of the old comfort zone this year.

This move towards the ‘I don’t know everything’ attitude also feels like a reaction to the current state of the digital marketing and creative content world. As I began my move towards freelance, the targeted ads, posts and videos that began popping up from uncertified ‘experts’ and ‘coaches’ became almost overwhelming. I even came across people selling me their coaching courses to become a coach. While often these courses can be so beneficial, the saturation of the market feels like it’s truly getting a bit ludicrous at this point.

If everyone is out here doing the teaching, are we still learning?

So no, I won’t be signing up to the $7000 course from someone with just 2 years under their belt, but I will be leaning into my ‘novice’ status in those areas I have little experience in this year. Every few weeks to a month, I’m aiming to complete a challenge piece with my partner, Ben (@brglong). We’re looking to complete a project to a professional level in an area we don’t feel confident in or normally avoid. This could be anything from complete artificial lighting to 3D design.

I’m excited about the potential and hopefully to bring you all along for the learning process too! Keep an eye on our Instagram for our next creative sprint challenge. You can check out some photos from our first challenge below (full design package is on its way!).